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Hospital da Luz Expansion




Work Owner:
Luz Saúde S.A.

Services provided:
Technical Assistance (Safety Management on Site)

Start date:
April 2017

Conclusion date:
January 2021

Hospital da Luz Expansion

Hospital da Luz Lisboa is an unavoidable reference in the private health sector at national and international level, bringing together a hospital unit and a residential unit.

It is the largest complex in the Hospital da Luz network, recognized for the excellence of medicine and innovation in the care it provides, as well as for the high differentiation of its services and professionals.

The expansion of Hospital da Luz in Lisbon does not consist of a new building built inside the Hospital grounds, but rather a physical expansion and continuity with the existing building.

The approach to the project maintains the spatial structure of the existing building, through the extension of the two main corridors, public and service, which allows connecting the new accesses to the existing system, providing greater flexibility in the internal organization of the operational areas and continuing to focus the design on the comfort of customers and employees.

The gardens and natural light, the two elements that characterize Hospital da Luz, were heavily reinforced. Much more glass surfaces on the lower floors and much more gardens, on the roofs and in the central patio, to be enjoyed from the inside.