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IP5 (A25)



Vilar Formoso

Project Owner:
Infraestruturas de Portugal, S.A

Type of Services:
Site Inspection, Project Management and Safety Coordination

Start Date:
May 2019

Finish Date:
December 2021

Construction work on the IP5 Highway (A25) between Vilar Formoso and Fronteira

The construction of this Highway between the Vilar Formoso junction and the border involved a total investment of 14.9 million euros, co-financed by European Union funds, and its implementation ensures important value in terms of mobility and road safety, in particular for long-distance traffic of heavy vehicles, which now have a more efficient infrastructure, with better conditions of comfort and safety in the connection with Europe.

Remember that it is at the Vilar Formoso border that there is the biggest cross-border road crossing for heavy vehicles.

The construction of this section included, among others, the following works:

  • Construction of a 3.5 kilometer highway;

  • The reformulation of the current Vilar Formoso Junction;

  • 330-metre viaduct Construction over the Tourões river;

  • The creation of two access branches to the Fuentes de Oñoro Junction, already in Spanish territory;

  • The creation of two roundabouts and seven restorations that will ensure the connection with the local roads;