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Published on: News

TABIQUE  ENGENHARIA arranged a Technical Visit to the Project EN14 for their collaborators.

At Tabique Engenharia it is encouraged initiatives that promote the exchange of knowledge and experiences among team workers, particularly through Technical Visits to ongoing projects.

At the moment, it is ongoing one of the biggest projects which performs an intervention covering a length of 10km, between Maia (diagonal lane) and Trofa (road interface).

Tabique Engenharia is responsible for Construction Supervision, Quality Control, Health and Safety Coordination on site and Topography.

During this visit several activities were performed, like the complete presentation of the project, stopping at the crucial points and the respective technical explanation, such as:

  • PK3+400 – next to the Hydraulic Passageway (PH3-1) and upper passageway (PS3.1): exposition about the function of this drainage element;
  • PK2+200 – next to the Arquinho viaduct (V2.1): exposition about the method used to execute the deck (formwork on the ground);
  • PK6+200 – next to the Agricultural Passageway (PA6.1): exposition about the functionality of this kind of integrated construction – bridge type Agricultural Passageway and observation of the ongoing activity of application bituminous mixture, a presentation about the monitoring implemented by the Construction Supervision was carried out, from the masses loading at the plant/factory until application on site;
  • PK8+350 – next to encounter EI belonging to the Covas viaduct (V8.1), exposition about the method used to execute the deck (incremental launching); mode of movement/mobilization of the self-launching beam and repercussions on the duration of the activity.

The collaborators were also able to participate in a lecture/presentation at the Client/ Supervision offices by the Client’s representative (IP), Eng.º Pedro Caetano, it was done a presentation about those involved in the project, the history of the project, the importance of executing the development and the impact on future users, different phases of the Project (Phase 1 – Between Jumbo joint and diagonal lane; Phase 2 – Diagonal lane / Trofa Road Interface; Phase 3 – Trofa Road Interface to EN14 (Santana) including new bridge over Rio Ave), the predicted and actual costs of the project and the type of works that constitute the project (earthworks – presentation of the most significant excavation areas and embankments; integrated bridges and special bridges).

Project Data:

  • Client: Infraestruturas de Portugal
  • Main Contractor: Construções Gabriel AS Couto
  • Designer: WS Atkins – Consultores e Projetistas
  • Project Budget: 31 970 000,00 €
  • Completion period: 660 days + 140 days (deadline extension)