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Baixo Sabor Hydroelectric Dam



Torre de Moncorvo – Portugal

Work Owner:
EDP – Gestão da Produção de Energia, S.A.

Services provided:
Health and Safety Coordination

Start date:
July 2008

Conclusion date:
June 2016

Baixo Sabor Hydroelectric Dam

Amount Level: Construction of a dome-type dam with double curvature with a maximum height of 123 m, with a development of 505 m and a thickness of 6 m at the crest, has in the central part a flood spillway controlled by sluices and creates a tank with capacity of 1095 hm3. The central pit, on the right bank, is made up of 4 different types of work elements: 2 group wells, busbar and access pit and galleries between pits and access. The wells of the groups have a height of about 79m, with axes spaced 36m apart, with a cross-section with an interior diameter of 11.50m.

Each of the hydraulic circuits consists of a water intake consisting of a nozzle and a maneuvering tower for hydromechanical equipment, a short gallery section with a 12% inclination, a well inclined at 60o to the horizontal, a gallery section with 12% slope which includes an armored part, a short horizontal element also armored up to the spiral of the group, a restitution structure consisting of a short section of gallery inclined at 32o and a nozzle.

Downstream Level: The work aims at regulating flows in the upstream level, located at around 12.6 km. The gravity-type dam, in compacted concrete, has a maximum height of 45 m, with a climbable area that corresponds to the central part where the surface spillway with four shutters is located, having an energy dissipation basin per roller “roller”. buckett”. The bottom outlet is installed on the right side wall of the spillway. The plant, located on the right bank, has a discharge and assembly floor, underground, and two circular wells, with an interior diameter of 22 m, spaced 40 m apart, each housing a reversible group with a maximum power of 19.1 m. MW. Each of the hydraulic circuits is made up of a water intake consisting of a nozzle, a short gallery with a rectangular section and a well for maneuvering the hydromechanical equipment, a gallery under load with an inclination of 10% and/or 18%, a short section in a horizontal gallery with an armored part up to the spiral of the group and by a restitution consisting of a short section in a tunnel, a maneuvering pit for hydromechanical equipment and a nozzle.

Construction of a new bridge over the river Sabor is intended to bridge the valley of the river Sabor at about 40 m in height in relation to its smaller bed, north of the current Ponte da Portela, which will be submerged with the rise of the future reservoir Flavor dam. The work of art develops, between axes of support in the encounters, between kms 0+617.00 and 0+885.00 of the restoration of the E.N. 102 of the AHBS Downstream Step.