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Coruña Port – New Port Installations in Punta Langosteira



Punta Langosteira – A Coruña

Work Owner:
Coruña Port Authority

Services provided:
Technical Assistance (Safety Management on Site)

Start date:
January 2008

Conclusion date:
September 2012

Outer Port of A Coruña – New Port Installations in Punta Langosteira

The situation of the city’s cramped inner port, the limitation of its spaces and its impossibility of growth to meet new and greater traffic, motivated the decision to build a new port; in addition to the insistent social pressure to remove potentially dangerous or annoying traffic from the city center.

The new port facilities at Punta Langosteira, which came into operation in September 2012, are at the service of international maritime traffic and offer large land areas, available for concessions and to carry out operations in excellent operating conditions.

The specialization of the port of A Coruña in handling energy and other bulk traffic, both liquid and solid, which require large handling and storage areas, is precisely a key factor in the differentiation of this port, which will allow the arrival of new traffic and the attracting private investment in new port infrastructure; in addition to the transfers that are gradually being carried out from the internal quay facilities to the new external port.