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Expansion of the Lugo Wastewater Purification Station



Lugo (Galicia)

Work Owner:
Spanish Environment Ministry. Northern Hydrographic Confederation

Services provided:
Technical Support (Safety Management)

Start date:
January 2009

Conclusion date:
April 2011

Expansion of the Lugo Wastewater Purification Station

The new WWTP in Lugo is located one kilometer upstream from the current one and was designed for a future population of 200,000 equivalent inhabitants, of which 120,000 correspond to the real population and 80,000 to the future industry. Its design was adapted to consider the Minho River as a sensitive area, for which it was necessary to implement a system with biological removal of nutrients and organic contamination, with which it is possible to reach optimal parameters of effluent quality for some very restrictive discharge conditions.

The new plant will have a maximum capacity of 4,300 l/s in the pre-treatment and primary treatment area, and 1,770 l/s for secondary treatment. For this, it has a double pumping well equipped with six pumps; four fine grinding lines with 6 mm self-washing sieves, four degreasing-degreasing lines, six primary clarifiers measuring 34 meters in diameter, a biological reactor with four independent lines with biological removal of nutrients and four secondary clarifiers measuring 45 meters in diameter.