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Glória do Ribatejo Tank Expansion



Gloria do Ribatejo

Work Owner:
Águas Do Ribatejo

Services provided:
Project Management, Supervision, Safety Coordination and Topography.

Start date:
October 2021

Conclusion date:
July 2022

Glória do Ribatejo Tank Expansion

As part of a set of works in progress worth more than 4 million Euros, this work is located in Glória do Ribatejo, which belongs to Salvaterra de Magos municipality.

The objective of the intervention is to expand the existing tank with a 2nd cell that will be installed to the left of the maneuvering chamber of the tank already built and in operation.

Its useful capacity, under normal operating conditions, between the full storage level (NPA) and the minimum operating level (NME), is around 400 m3.

The 2nd Cell of the Glória do Ribatejo Tank, is part of the Marinhais Water Supply System, Glória do Ribatejo, Cocharro and Granho.