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Slope Stabilization at Pedreira do Bom Jesus




Work Owner:
Cimpor Alhandra

Services provided:
Project Management and Supervision

Start date:
August 2020

Conclusion Date:
December 2020

Slope Stabilization at Pedreira do Bom Jesus

The main instability dangers occurring on the slope wich are fundamentally toppling and falling blocks.
We supervise the execution of an innovative project, an initiative carried out by Cimpor within the scope of environmental and safety concerns associated with its activity, developed together with a specialist company, which aimed at stabilizing the slope of the so-called Casal A2, located upstream from the village of A-dos-Melros where potentially unstable areas of the rock mass can be seen.

The final solution, already implemented, consisted of installing Dynamic Barriers in the middle of the aforementioned slope. The installed Dynamic Barriers, with about 230 meters long, have an energy absorption capacity of 2000 and 3000 KJ and are made up of “poles” 4 and 5 meters high and spaced 10 meters apart. This system is connected by a set of lower, upper and lateral cables connected to double helical steel cable anchors.